Fear of the Dark

Fifth Night

Vistani Camp / Windmill / Vallaki

When the adventurers woke up, they discovered that Ireena was gone. She provided a note to Uther that warned him that the other adventurers were murderers that killed Mad Mary in cold blood, tried to kill the priest, and threatened Ismark. She warned him not to follow the adventurers as they were thugs and killers.

Karlotta came up with a plan to capture Ireena and use her as a hostage to provoke Strahd.

Uther, worried about his daughter in Strahd’s hand, agreed. Keesiya played things pretty close to the vest.

They left the Vistani camp and raced to find her.

They tried to take a shortcut through some brush and ended up getting hurt by a rather ineffective punji trap. So there was that.

They next ran across a couple of Vistani, Eddie and Tyler, who were looking for something. Taking the adventurer’s money, Eddie and Tyler agreed to act as guides.

On their way to Vallaki, the adventurers came upon a windmill that looked like the one from the haunted mansion.

Deciding to investigate further, they walked toward the tower. When doing so, a black Irish Wolfhound came walking over to Uther, who seemed to recognize it.


The adventurers, Tyler, Eddie, and the Wolfhound (Buddy) walked into windmill.

There was a kitchen, sounds of women from the floor above them, and pastries sitting about. Karlotta grabbed a pastry.

Then the group left.

They raced to get to Vallaki and hopefully find Ireena.

When they got there, Eddie and Tyler left a bit to the south. Nobody wanted to let the adventurers in at night, but someone at the gate recognized Uther by the name, “General.”

His name was Lars, and he ordered the guards to let the adventurers in and pointed them toward the Blue Water Inn.

As they walked to the Blue Water Inn, ravens began to fly over them, shitting all over Karlotta and Kessyia. After shitting, the ravens would go find shit on the ground, pick it up, and drop it on the women. Covered in shit, they came into the Blue Water Inn. The room fell silent and people spat at them.

There were two rowdy boys, probably college age, making crass remarks that stood out.

Uther walked to the bar and met with the bartender, Urwin.

When asked why the crows were shitting on the girls Urwin gruffly replied, “They’re smart animals. They probably don’t like it when murderers try to justify their killing with a display of gods and crows. But they’ll cease.”

The adventurers got rooms for relatively cheap and set up shop.


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