Fear of the Dark

Fourth Night

Vistani Camp

Keesya woke up in a Vistani cart. It was very similar to the kinds of Vistani carts that she was used to, but with plainer colours on many things, and the use of paper was made for barriers. Wearing black clock is a girl named Hannya,

Hannya immediately mentioned that Keesya was a little too old to go through the ascension, and that she went through it when she was 15.

When asked what the ascension was, Hannya, in an overly dramatic way, explained that it was where the VIstani chose their paths.

Keesya asked where her friends were. She was told that Maddox was dead and that Karlotta was seeking recovery and may or may not be back.

Hanna led Keesyia out of the cart, explaining that the fleeing from Greenglen caused a lot more Vistani f from a lot more realms than usual to come into Barovia, where they are treated safely.

The camp is, indeed, swollen. There are all kinds of games that Keesyia can play. She leaves the Sasserinian Roulette, and goes right to the drinking contest. In doing so, she cheats her first round, but ends up maintaining her composure so well that she ends up getting a lot of money.

SHe also ran into drunk guy that went into some detail about a wizard and a group of adventurers, the Circle of Eight, that had come a year ago to the camp, got their fortunes read, and went to face Strahd and died.

She also ran into an awkward boy named Cal who was in love with a beautiful Vistani named Esmer. Cal asked Keesyia for advice and she told him to be honest.

There was also Samesh, a guy that was frantic that his wife was dying as they escaped Greenglen. He wanted to bring her body into the camp instead of the graveyard where she was dumped, but the old crones in the camp won’t let him. He asked Keesyia to speak on his behalf. She refused, and he was found having hanged himself later.

Later on, Keesiya was taken to a grotto. There most of the Vistani women were, with curious wolves on a ridge watching on. They painted her face, taught her the Sign of Vestani, and some curses she can use. She was formally inducted into the Vistani people.

Karlotta seemed to make up. She remembers concentrating and seeing the Githyanki explain to her that she needed to concentrate. Mr. Wilcox emerged as well, asking if she had ever had visions before.

In the dream though, this background faded. She found herself in a room that smelled of powder and fine perfume. A vanity with a mirror stood against one wall and a faceless wooden mannequin wearing a white bridal gown was there. Mounted on the other wall was a full length mirror.

In the mirror, she saw her self, young, in a wedding dress.

Then she saw Ireena, very clearly, in the wedding dress.

Then she realized that she was the same as Ireena, and that they had been torn apart and stitched back together.

Finally, she realized that Ireena, Karlotta, and a lot of other people had been butchered and made into the corpse of a woman in the mirror wearing the wedding dress.

Very clearly the words called out as she looked in the mirror:

Magic mirror on the wall
Summon forth your shade
Night’s dark vengeance, heed my call
And wield your murderous blade.

She woke up with some confusion in a graveyard.

Karlotta got up and saw gallows near the graveyard. She also observed several other people in white sheets. One was a shaking boy, another was a woman covered in parasites. There were a few dead people, and some sheets left behind from people that had woken up and moved.

Karlotta felt the pull to go either into the woods or along the road. She chose the woods.

Uther heard a voice and saw a woman in front of him behind light. “Do you remember? Do you remember?”

He began to think of Veruca, his wife in Innisfarne. On the salt flats. He remembered having a play-fight with his young son, Vurn.


He remembered Vurn as an adult.

“Do you remember”

He remembers the Black Paw growing irate and throwing a chair when the human mediator couldn’t satisfy the orc to the answer that Uther gave.


He was on a ship in the fog…


Strahd’s asking him to take apart a sword. There was a kind of magic, the hilt was the only thing he couldn’t break down. Uther pretended that he could and hid the hilt from Strahd.


Uther came back to the cabin one day and found a note from Victoria, his daughter, about her leaving with Strahd. Strahd left some gold for the payment.

In dispair Uther went to the woods and screamed for Kord, his god from Innisfarne who had not answered him since the fog took up.

But out of the fog a black dog, he later knew as the Mark of Cain, emerged. He was under the protection of the Raven Queen, the goddess of death and thus the only one with a faint presence in this land, from then on out.

Then he remembered.

Looking around, Uther found himself in a decrepit cabin. He reached for a bottle of wine and found it dusty and made of vinegar. Vines were growing in through the walls. It looked like months since he had last been there. Maybe years.

Fu Hao stood in front of him. He had a vague memory of both of them teaching a militia how to fight. But the last year or so was completely lost for him. And fu Hao looked awful now.

“Palor’s light has yet to penetrate Barovia, even after the ”/characters/the-incorruptible" class=“wiki-content-link”>Incorruptible graced these lands.

You hear barking wolves. It seems odd.

Fu Hao told Uther, “I came to this cabin assuming you were dead. Do you know what happened to the incorruptible?” Uther did not. “If you’re still alive a year later, maybe there’s hope for him too. There is so much for you to know.”

Uther became aware of another woman in the cabin.

“This is ”/characters/ireena-kolyana" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ireena," Fu Hao said, “We must protect her from Strahd. His wolves are after me. Please protect her—take her to Vallaki where she may be spared from Strahd…”

With that, Fu Hao ran into the woods and let the wolves come after her.

Uther walked into the woods with Fu Hao and tried to understand what was going on. It was about then that a sound of rustling came about. Behind Uther and Ireena stood several of Strahd’s undead guard.

Little known to them, behind them was Karlotta. Karlotta, Uther, and Ireena killed the creatures.

As it got to evening, Karlotta, Uther, and Ireena saw something in the sky that looked like Palor’s symbol about to break through the clouds. Curious, they followed it, finding it hovering over the Vistani camp.

At the same time, Keesiya was emerging back to the camp and saw a giant fire, where the Vistani were burning Fu Hao alive.

She said that in her death, her soul would go to Palor, who would need to break through into this world. However, her soul was absorbed into a a bag made out of the remains of Maddox

Eva invited the adventurers into her cart.

She sat down and announced that they were part of a plan that started a long time ago, and whether they like it or not, it was something that had to be seen through.

These were her specific instructions:

She took the adventurers in and gave them these specific introductions:

To Kessiya:

Sweet child, we are so happy to have you home. You lived your life away from home, but in the midst of the dragon in Greenglen have found yourself back here. Back home. We are all very happy to have you with us again, as your parents were before you.

You sold your soul to gold under the eyes of a vampire as a child, and it is right that you are with us under a vampire’s eyes. What I am going to ask of you is hard, but you should always remember that these are plans put into motion long ago that you shall cultivate. What fate calls for you to do is what’s best for you, best for the Vistani, and ultimately best for Strahd.

To Uther:
I remember you. When the Swords of Eight came to me, they were but seven. Your card was pulled by these withered hands for the Fourth Space. Take heed of the fate of the seven and of Maddox; fate moves in a direction, but it is not straight.

You long to return to the dead salt flats that made you a man. They were taken from you, and in the damp forest you lost all that you were; out of the reach of your god, another found you. It is not time for you to go back to the nothingness yet. Two daughters still have beating hearts. Even if they no longer beat for you, so long as they continue, they may one day return.

To Karlotta
Sweet sister, I tried so hard to keep you away, and yet you found your way back. Did not Mr. Wilcox warn you to stay away from this place after that Githyanki foolishly opened your eyes?

But how I enjoy seeing my old eyes reflecting back in what could have been. Have you come to see…Oh…You don’t know?

…How interesting.

There is much that you don’t know. You are not quite the same as the last time we met. You honestly don’t remember…

And how could you?

I can see no further in you than you can see in me—Or you yourself for that matter. What your friends think you are is false, this you know; but what you think about you is more false. Your blood is but background to this realm, and I can see no more.

The Predictions
1. This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy.

I see a sleeping prince, a servant of light, and the brother of darkness. The treasure lies with him.

2. This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope.

The thing you seek lies with the dead, under mountains of gold coins.

3. This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: a sword of sunlight.

The treasure is hidden in a small castle beneath a mountain, guarded by amber giants.

(this triggered a memory with Uther)

4.This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness.

A man of death named Arrigal will forsake his dark lord to serve your cause. Beware! He has a rotten soul.

5. Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him!

I see a secret place—a vault of temptation hidden behind a woman of great beauty. The evil waits atop his tower of treasure.

After that, the adventurers were given a cart to stay in. Uther made noodles and kept confusing Kessyia with the name of another woman.

They got to know each other and only slept late..


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