Fear of the Dark

Third Night

Village of Barovia / Old Svalich Road

The party awoke the next day. Maddox was up first, then Keesya, and finally Karlotta was up last.

Ireena gave Keesya a dress that was fully cleaned of the blood from Mad Mary.

Ismark made a big breakfast for the party and proposed that they bring Ireena to Vallaki. Ireena refused until the burgomaster was buried.

Maddox demanded more money. Ismark explained that the town didn’t have much money, and then Maddox turned demonic and with a deep voice and dagger in hand, demanded double the gold.

Ismark got up and insisted that he would not give into threats.

Maddox compromised, saying that they would help to bury the body and negotiate afterward.

The party left to the graveyard with the body, and though typically reserved, the Barovians showed respect to the dead burgomaster.

At the church, the part came across Fu Hao. She explained to the party that the priest, Donavich, had a son that she had trained in a militia to attack Strahd a year ago. The son, Doru, had returned a vampire spawn now captured in the basement screaming for blood while Donovich felt sorry in the church.

Fu Hao convinced the party to go into the basement and fight Doru. A few things were learned:

-Fu Hao buffed, but did not use weapons on the vampire spawn.

-The sunlight was too dim to harm the vampire, but did interfere with its healing.

Defeating the vampire, the party (now with Fu Hao) went up to bury the burgomaster with a short ceremony.

Ismark explained to Fu Hao the plan to take Ireena to Vallaki. She agreed. As the party left to the escort Ismark had prepared with the remaining militia that Fu Hao had helped to train. Keesya wanted to go get supplies to help.

However, Maddox stayed behind and attempted to murder Donovich. Dodging, Donovich ran to Fu Hao and the rest of the group, who protected him.

Karlotta tried to help Maddox by summoning the illusion of a vampire, but little occurred.

Having been threatened by Maddox, and having had Karlotta come to the house covered in blood, and having had Maddox try to kill Donovich, it was decided that they should be kept away from Ireena and everyone else.

Ireena, Ismark, and Fu Hao, escorted the party out of town.

Maddox climbed on top of balcony and attempted to get the town on his side. Karlotta prepared illusions of ravens and the Morning Lord and Mother Night to try and persuade the town that only the party could kill Strahd, and that they would do everything in their power to kill him. This, however, failed spectacularly and the town turned fully against them.

The militia escorted the party out of Barovia forever.

The party, at dark, went walking along hoping to get somewhere safe. The many wolves that were following them in the woods at the burgomaster’s house were thick in the woods and attacked.

Outnumbered, they fought the best that they could. But it was not enough.

Karlotta was pounded upon, her life torn from her body.

Maddox was ripped apart by wolves.

Keesya fled into the woods, running in a panic, then back in the road where she came across a Vistani cart. There, some children she had seen back in Greenglen before coming into Barovia, helped her into a cart. Nearly dead, she rode along the rocky road…


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