Vargas Vallakovich (Deceased)

Burgomaster of Vallaki


A giant of a man, often bearded, with a grin that was forced to always be there with braces he added years ago.

He always wears armor and has two mastiffs with him.

He is known for his watchwords, “All will be well!”


Vargas Vallakovich Is nobility, after a long line that has stood against Strahd. Some say that the city they have ruled, Vallaki, has been free from Strahd because of the local church. Vargas insists it’s because of the optimism he maintains throughout the town.

He is married to Lydia Petrovna, who laughs at the baron’s ever comment to the extent that it has become a nervous reflex. She spreads good cheer by throwing parties in the house.

He was murdered terribly and strewn outside of Vallaki.

Vargas Vallakovich (Deceased)

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