Bastian Steele (Baz)

Dr. Bastian Steele / Baz




I was born in Gothic Earth in a town named Bournemouth. My father, was a doctor and healer. He raised me to follow in his footsteps. I was given the finest tutors and my father’s library was my childhood playground.

My mother was distant when I was a child and often left me in the care of my beloved nanny Edith. I saw from the garden that day she flew from the attic window. She laded in the fountain, her garments spread wide as the waters slowly turned from blue to red. As I grew up this day would haunt me, that I could do nothing to save her.

I trained at university and went on to assist a very famous doctor/professor Rudolph van Richten. He became like a father figure to me and he served to comfort me a great deal when my own father was murdered mysteriously. We believe it was vampires or their underlings.

After the funeral my father’s barrister gave me a letter, it was from my father and it explained his involvement in some very dark circles, which most likely led to his murder. I learned much from this letter and it changed everything.

I returned to my manor. My man Poole had readied my laboratory. I had stopped on the journey home to visit an old friend and to pick up a package of great importance, a parcel that would inevitably change my life forever.

My work continued night and day at a frenzied pace. I was running out of sample when I finally unlocked the secret. The rat, the raven, and the monkey were all unchanged. I felt it safe now to test a vile on myself. It was the last time I was just myself. Now he has entered. I’m sure it was the vampire blood that did it. I must be able to reverse this affliction or at least suppress it. I must kill the source to be free. I must find Strahd.

Bastian Steele (Baz)

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