Fu Hao (deceased)

Swords of Eight Human Female Paladin (soul in Maddox Bag)


Fu Hao was from a distant land and one of two “generals” of the Swords of Eight that came to Bavaria to try and free the land from Strahd. They failed more than a year ago.

She was encountered by the party in the Darklord’s Shrine in the Death House, badly beaten, mutilated, and with her hair shorn from her head. She had little or no memory about what had happened since the attack against Strahd, and wanted to find a dwarf she called, “The Incorruptible,” to whom she seemed most devoted.

She helped the party escape from Death House and then went to the local Barovian Church in order to find out what happened to the Swords of Eight after she was captured.

She went to the church where she found Donavich, the priest. The priest had a son, Doru, who had joined Fu Hao in the insurrection a year ago and returned a vampire spawn. Feeling guilty about her part in Donavich’s pain, Fu Hao persuaded the party to help her kill Doru and put the boy at rest.

She agreed to go with the party to help them bring Ireena to Vallaki, but Maddox turned on Donavich and attempted to murder him the moment she stepped away.

Horrified at the attempted murder of Donavich, the report from Ireena that the party had murdered Mad Mary, and Ismark informing her that Maddox had become demonic in demanding money from him, Fu Hao separated from the group and attempted to take Ireena to Vallaki herself.

Wolves having been particularly active, followed her and pinned both Ireena and Fo Hao into the forests. Having remembered the hut of one of the other Swords of Eight, Fu Hao sought refuge there. To her surprise, Uther was still very much alive, though with no memory of the last year of his life.

Fu Hao asked Uther to take Ireena to Vallaki while she drew the wolves away.

However, she came upon a Vistani camp. They seized her, stripped her, beat her, and burnt her alive. Defiant until the end, she promised that her soul would still rest with Palor. However, at the moment of her death, her soul was sucked into the Maddox Bag where it resides with the damned souls of murderers and deviants.

Fu Hao (deceased)

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