Gadof Blinksy

Human Toy Maker


Blinksy is jovial, oblivious and loves gold. He is a heavyset man who wears a jester’s cap.

He calls himself the “wizard of tiny wonders”. For the past several years, he has been working on a series of disturbing, creepy toys in an effort to contribute to the Baron’s Happiness campaign. He believes that the Baron is right and works hard to make toys children can enjoy. He doesn’t do a lot of business; most of his business as of late has been making decorations for the Baron’s festivals.

His only friend is a four-armed monkey given to him by Rictavio, a former circus ring-leader from who took pity on the poor toymaker.


The adventurers ran across him while looking for Ireena in Vallaki.

Always looking for an angle and mystified why he wasn’t selling more toys, the adventurers questioned him about who wanted the Ireena dolls he had on display.

The adventurers returned a day later and commissioned a similar Ireena doll for a huge price.

They decided to steal some of the other dolls to lure Isak out to be killed. Izek, furious that the dolls were stolen, burnt down Blinsky’s shop, killed his monkey, and broke his arms and legs. He was last seen crying in the dirt.

Some of the toys in his shop included:

A doll Headless with a sack of attachable heads, all with eyes and mouth stitched shut

Minature gallows with Trapdoor and weighted hanged man

Wooden nesting dolls The smaller the toy, the older, the final one is a mummified corpse

Mobile of bats – When not spinning, they try to fly away from their strings and hiss

Wind up merry-go-round – The figures are of snarling wolves chasing children

ventriloquist dummy – Looks like Strahd

Marbles – They look like eyes of various sizes and when rolled, always look at you (bought)

Bone Whistle – A slide-whistle carved in the shape of a skeletall figure. It makes an eerie ghostly sound

Music Box – Clockwork raven sits atop a porcelain skull. A winding mechanism plays an eerie tune, while the raven pecks the bloody eye socket of the skull to the rhythm of the music

Doll – Malformed Doll with a strange leer

Death Rattle – A gnome’s skull atop a wooden rod with gnome knuckles sealed inside to rattle (bought and buried)

Doll – of a hag. Reaching down the throat reveals three partially digested child dolls

Hunter Doll – A plush doll of a male human. A slit in the doll’s back allows you to turn it inside out into a black dire wolf

Domino Set – Black coffin, when opened, bone domino tiles are there

My Ivy Pal – A small clay bust of a bald woman with instructions to dampen the head daly. After id4 days the head spreads long fine vines of poison ivy

Doll House – Beautiful family rooms with secret rooms and tunnels. Each room has a scene of torture

Teddy Bear – Stitched together of other teddy bears, when wound will sing a song about killing the owner by name

Rack – Miniature torture device with stretch clown doll. When tortured the clown laughs manically

Top – When spun, makes the sound of a panicked and crying child

Rocking Horse – Looks like a horse whose skin has been removed, with muscles, tendons, all shown, as well as wood parasites eating the horse alive

Lil’ UNdertaker’s Understudy – Satchel Containing cloth measuring tape, child-sized hammer, saw, shovel, and small box of nails

Gadof Blinksy

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