Human commoner


Beautiful goon-bait, Gertruda is oblivious to any danger around her. She romanticizes the idea of the vampire and the things that go thump in the night.


Gertruda is lining up to be one of Strahd’s three wives. The daughter of Mad Mary, she escaped her mother’s clutches in order to live for herself as she desired to do so and explore the darkness.

Strahd allowed her to visit Mad Mary, only if she was invisible and muted. The reason for this, unbeknownst to Gertruda, is almost certainly because it afforded a certain amount of pain on the part of both mother and daughter that Strahd found amusing, while able to wrap it up as a kind of protection.

However, at one point Gertruda was with her mother and watched her butchered by the adventurers. Her ire was particularly directed at Kessyia, who watched coldly while Mad Mary was gutted in front of her.

More than anything, this caused Gertruda less to explore the darkness, than embrace it.


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