Ginny Tealeaf

Swords of Eight Halfling Thief


Ginny Tealeaf is a very capable halfling thief from a world that is mostly urban. She is young, has a snide attitude, and very greedy. She speaks with a thick British accent, to the point that it’s hard to understand and has a lot of incomprehensible slang terms.


Born into an urban world, Ginny was brought up young to be a thief. She never knew who her real father was, and her mother was largely addicted to halfling weed. Ginny grew up herself on the streets, going in and out of other gangs of uncontrolled youth.

At one point she stole from a traveler named Mordenkainen. Being an eccentric looking for a good thief with a reputation for lying (so as not to be believed if betraying him with information) he recruited her on a mission and had her join the Swords of Eight.

Her current status is unknown.

Ginny Tealeaf

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