Ireena Kolyana

Human Noble


Unusually beautiful, Ireena Kolyana is a capable fighter but is being stocked by Strahd. She was originally from Barovia, and was last seen in the nearby Vistani camp before fleeing.


Ireena Kolyana is the adopted daughter of the Burgomaster of Baroivia. She grew up like her daughter alongside Ismark the Lesser, who she thinks of as a brother.

A little while ago, Strahd came to visit her at night. He drank from her twice, if he does so again, she will become his spawn and be damned.

Hoping that Vallaki would take her out of Strahd’s reach, Ismark the Lesser arranged for the heroes to take her to Vallaki. However, Maddox threatened Ismark in their home, demanding a huge fee. He then attempted to murder Donavich, the priest. And after the adventurers were banished from Barovia, the body of Mad Mary was found. Ireena put it together that she had aided the adventurers after they had murdered her as well.

Ireena was to be escorted by Fu Hao to Vallaki, but Strahd’s wolves were upon the pair quickly. Fu Hao brought Ireena to the cabin of Uther and attempted to draw the wolves away, which mostly worked.

Later Ireena and Uther came to a Vistani camp, just in time to watch the Vistani burn Fu Hao alive and capture her soul forever in the Maddox bag with rapists and murderers.

Uther took the hospitality of the Vistani and, at night, Ireena slipped away.

Ireena Kolyana

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