Kasimir Velikov

Dusk Elf Wizard


The Dusk Elves are all unusually bright in skin and dark in hair. Kasimir seems more hardened than the other Dusk Elves, though it is difficult to say whether that is because he is older or had a harder life.

Beneath his hood one can see the mutilated stubs where his ears used to be.


Kasimir is the leader of the dusk elves settled around the Vistani encampment southwest of Vallaki. He and his clan have been trapped in Barovia for centuries, where he holds an old allegiance with the Vistani, even adapting a Vistani last name in honor of an old friend.
Long ago, his sister, Patrina Velikovna, lusted after Strahd’s power so much that she allowed herself to become corrupted to become Strahd’s bride. Before she could become fully turned into a vampire, Kasimir led his clan to stone her to death. In retribution, Strahd massacred every dusk elf woman and child in his clan. For instigating the stoning, Strahd cut off Kasimir’s ears, and he now wears a cowl to hide this.

To this day, Kasimir has received dreams where the spirit of his sister speaks with him, telling him how years of guilt and regret have dispelled all evil thoughts from her mind and cleansed her tortured soul. He knows that her remains are kept in the catacombs of Castle Ravenloft and he hopes that his sister’s messages are sincere and that she will one day be revived when Strahd is destroyed.

He thinks that the Amber Temple, deep within Mount Ghakis, may hold the secrets to Strahd’s curse upon Barovia, resurrecting his sister, as well as holding a strove of other arcane lore and artifacts.

Kasimir Velikov

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