Vistani Thief




Her undoing is her greed.

When she was very young, she was in a Vallaki camp with her parents on a spring day. She found her way into a part of the camp where she found an older by named Erasmus from Darkon chained between two Vistani wagons. He explained that he had been kidnapped and asked for help.

Later, she secretly followed her father after dinner and saw him go to Erasmus where a lot of other Vallaki men were standing.

Seeing her, Erasmus shouted out, “Little girl! Little girl! Tel your fathers here to let me go!” Erasmus turned to the men, “I have a father too! He’s a scholar! How would you feel if your own children were taken!” It resulted in him getting beaten.

At about that time, a vampire called Baron Metus emerged from the shadows. Erasmus pleaded, asking Keesiya for help, eventually begging, “Take her! Take the girl!”

Metus coaxed young Keesaiya out and handed her gold to give to her father in exchange for Erasmus. Then everyone watched as Metus bit into Erasmus and took a taste. Metus ordered the Vistani to put Erasmus into his wagon and got on a knee. He drew another piece of gold and handed it to Keesaiya. “This is for you,” He said, “You’ve sold your soul for gold tonight.”

Keesaiya grew up to become a thief, looking for wealth until a sudden dragon attack near Greenest. Working with other civilians around the chaos, a human named Elias, a dwarf named Yefi, and a human woman named Karlotta. Fighting cultists, Karlotta was cut down and murdered. Yefi, in an abandoned church, began a ministry of chaos based upon drugs and sex. Karlotta slipped out into the fog and found herself in the land of Barovia…


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