Sergei von Zarovich (Deceased)

Human noble


A young good looking and loyal brother to Strhad, Sergei kept horses as a hobby.

Karlotta has thus far encountered him twice in visions:

1. First when she entered the body of a piked soldier on a bloody battlefield. Though she didn’t know who they were at the time, she saw Strahd explaining to a more reluctant Sergei that it wasn’t enough to simply kill their enemies on the field, they had to root out and kill all of their enemies wherever they were. It would, Strahd explained, ultimately save lives if they were brutal in their conquest as there would be not rebellions to follow.

2. During a seance, Karlotta, Baz, and Uther ran across Sergei’s courtship with Tatanya and witnessed Strahd’s murder of Sergei on the latter’s wedding day.


Sergei von Zarovich was nobly born to Barov von Zarovich and Ravenia van Roeyen in Prime Material Barovia in 324 BC. He was the younger brother of Strahd. He was to be married to Tatyana Federovna in the summer of 351 BC. Strahd, however, coveted his youth and his bride. On the day of the wedding, Sergei would be murdered by Strahd and Tatyana would throw herself from the walls of Castle Ravenloft fleeing Strahd.

Sergei von Zarovich (Deceased)

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