Maddox (bag, deceased)

A bag made from a former adventurer


The Maddox Bag is a crudely created leather bag made from a dead adventurer.


Maddox had been an upper class child in Vallaki. One day, during one of the many festivals Burgomaster Vargas held.

Maddox was given the baptismal gown for the Morning Lord and brought down to the parlour where the men in the family were in their finest dress around a pentagram on the floor. Madam Eva emerged and told him that he would be given to a new god, the god of the Dark Powers. He gave himself and was changed as his uncle died and was absorbed into him, the first of several souls. He was forbidden from telling any of the women in the family.

Maddox was changed after that. His mother, racked with guilt about Maddox being secretly the son of her husband’s brother and now acting like his own uncle, could not stand the sight of him and banished him from the house.

Maddox went to an orphanage, and after it closed down with the murder of the priest, he wandered until running across Kessiya preparing to go into Death House.

Maddox began to murder with increased regularity until he attempted to kill the priest of Barovia, Donovan. Donovan survived the attempt, however, and ran to Fu Hao. Fu Hao banished the adventurers from the mission and they were banished from town.

Attempting to carry the favour of the people of Barovia, Maddox made a public speech about how he had to be as evil as possible in order to defeat Strahd. The speech was a failure, and even Strahd would not have bothered to allow the suffering Maddox brought any further.

After being exiled, wolves were waiting for the adventurers and Maddox was killed along the road.

His remains were brought back to Madam Eva in the Vistani camp, who sewed him into a bag that had the same soul-eating properties she had given Maddox.

The souls known to be in Maddox are below:

The uncle of Maddox (really his father). A serial killer that used to hunt down women in Vallaki, invite them to his room, and then remove organs and replace them with animals. He would eat the organs as he watched the women die. Madam Eva was invited into the home in order to take care of him without damning his soul. He was placed inside of Maddox and tied to him.

An abusive priest that ran an orphanage that Maddox eventually moved to in the church in Vallaki. The priest abused boys systematically. One of the older boys, when it came to his turn, murdered the priest. Maddox, being near by, absorbed the soul. The orphanage was closed soon thereafter.

Abenragel was a madman in a far off world called Aqua. He had the full financial and political power of an institution to lead a mission to the island of Corcosa, an ancient pyramid that was above water very rarely. The mystic powers, perhaps, drew in the mists of Barovia and Maddox with him. When the adventurers on Aqua found that Abenragel was insane and led them into a group of vampires, they killed him. The soul went into Maddox.

Mad Mary was a woman whose whom the adventurors broke into and murdered for sport.

Fu Hao was burnt to death near the Maddox Bag and absorbed into the bunch of the rest.

Maddox (bag, deceased)

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