A woman in skull makeup seen in Strahd’s coach. She looked a little hurt when Strahd brought up his desire for Ireena.

This is, indeed, Victoria—Uther’s daughter.


Victoria grew up in the blasted lands in Innisfarne with her father, Uther, and the rest of her family.

However, she came of age with Uther, protected and not allowed to see anyone else. Strahd commissioned Uther to destroy a sword, and noted Victoria after that.

In an act of curiosity, of loneliness, Victoria agreed to leave with Strahd. For roughly two years, she’s lived in Strahd’s castle and become good friends with Gertruda.

She also made friends with Lars.

She last saw her father, covered in Lars’ blood, next to his mutilated body, while Karlotta—under Strahd’s control—explained that Uther was committed to destroying Victoria’s life and anybody under her control.


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