Dark Elf Manservant to Strahd


Unusually tall, dark, and commanding, Rahadin would be a sight by himself. However, his cruelty is so well known that it echoes through the Ravenloft; when he is near, the sound of his hundreds of thousands of victims can be heard screaming all around him.

He expresses little, betrays nothing, and holds himself with great might.


Rahadin is Strahd Von Zarovich’s manservant and right hand man, often driving his coach.

Rahadin was one of the Dusk Elves, leaving the declining clan to find adventure. He was lost to his people until he appeared as a general for Strahd during the conquest of Barovia.

Strahd made Rahadin an honorary member of his family.

Rahadin fought as one of Strahd’s generals. After Strahd’s fall from grace a Dusk Elf named Patrina Velikovna tried to marry Strahd but she was killed by her own people. Because the Dusk Elves deprived him of her, Strahd sent Rahadin to punish them and Rahadin killed all the females so the males couldn’t breed.


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