Shredd (Escaped Barovia)

Swords of Eight Dwarf Warrior


A rock and rolling heavy metal dwarf that typically has an ax guitar. Shredd can kick ass and live up to his namesake both against his enemies and in on the strings!


Shredd was one of the Ancient Eight of Aqua, and the only known living survivor.

Though the dwarves officially maintain that he died, it is one of the worst kept secrets in Aqua that Shredd still lives, traveling the world for shows.

His strange station on Aqua made him, in a sense, effectively invisible in plain sight. This is what attracted the attention of Mordenkainen, who approached Shredd two years ago and asked if he would be able to aid him in Barovia.

Explaining the plan, Shredd agreed almost too easily.

It is unknown exactly what his role was, but he has been seen on Aqua playing guitar a year later as if nothing had happened…

Shredd (Escaped Barovia)

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