Szoldar & Yevgeni

Wolf hunters and guides living in Vallaki


On rare occasions when he has something to say, Szoldar speaks brusquely, while Yevgeni usually parrots his friend in not so many words. Szoldar has a notch in his bow for every wolf he’s killed, while Yevgeni adds a new swatch to his wolfskin cloak every time he makes a kill. Both men have families but spend most of their time together, either drowning their sorrows or hunting in the woods. Most of the wolf heads that adorn the tavern walls are the result of their handiwork.


Szoldar Szoldarovich and Yevgeni Krushkin are local hunters who frequent the Blue Water Inn. They kill wolves and sell the meat for a living, and their work is dangerous and bloody. Both men are grim and have haunted looks in their eyes.

These two are dour fellows, but they seldom pass up an opportunity to earn coin. If the characters are looking for guides or information about the land of Barovia, Szoldar and Yevgeni can be of service. They aren’t afraid to venture beyond Vallaki’s walls during the day, and they know the woods and valley well. They’re willing to serve as guides for pay or to provide directions to important landmarks in exchange for free drinks. They think it’s foolish to travel “this cursed realm” at night and wont do so unless the payment is exorbitant (100gp or more).

Szoldar & Yevgeni

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