The Corrupted

Swords of Eight, Human Warlock


Born Ignacious Habernackle,


Ignacious Habernackle. Grew up in a family of dirt farmers on the barren, windswept island of Mordoc’s Refuge. An island of only about 700 inhabitants, it was nominally under the rule of the Princes of Reiken, on the distant Reiken Island. Because of its distance from the capital, and because it has virtually no natural resources, Mordoc’s Refuge was mostly left alone. The island’s sole export was a hearty kind of grain used for goat feed. Ships would occasionally visit the island to pick up the grain.

Ignacious married at a young age and had four children. He worked long hours in the fields, and when ships would come to the docks to visit, he would go to the village tavern and listen to the yarns the sailors would weave, and he would wish for another life. A life free from the burdens of farming, and the responsibilities of fatherhood. A life free from a henpecking wife who was constantly disappointed in him. Ignacious began to despise his life.

Ignacious began drinking heavily and gambling what little money the family had. He neglected his family and farming duties, and his farm fell into ruin. One night, in a drunken stupor, he gambled his farm away. He was penniless, the parriah of the village, and his family was homeless.

On the last night he owned the farm, before being evicted, Ignacious flew into a drunken rage and beat his wife senseless. It had happened many times before, but this time was worst. The years of disappointment in his grain yields…the endless nagging of his wife…the ceaseless complaining of his mediocre children…and the damnation to an ordinary life…it all built up at let itself out in a horrible rage. But this time, she didn’t get up. His oldest son, now 11, who was growing up faster than any child should, stepped in to try and defend his mother. Ignacious picked up a horseshoe and clubbed his son to death. Realizing he had nothing left on the farm, he fled, and slept for several nights in the muddy parts of the woods near his house.

Waking up from his drunken stupor and with a bad hangover, he returned to his house and was horrified to see someone had murdered his family. He fell to his knees and wept. He then returned to the woods in a panic.

There, where he saw that he had slept the night before, he attempted to put together what happen. And feeling something he had felt while sleeping, he knew that there was a tiny spirit of the puddle near him. Praying to it, he begged for the spirit to give him the strength for vengeance. The tiny spirt, given many times its powers upon the prayers of Ignacious, readily agreed. Though the mud spirit knew what had really happened, he continued the lie that someone had murdered Ignacious’s family and encouraged him into more drink and more trouble in order to receive more prayers and give Ignacious more power to commit more trouble…

Needing a counter balance for The Incorruptible, Mordenkainen found the most corrupted person he could to preform a ritual in Barovia. With that, Ignacious finally left Mordoc’s Refuge and to an entirely new realm.

He was with the Incorruptible, Uther, and Ginny Tealeaf. His status is unknown.

The Corrupted

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