The Incorruptible

Swords of Eight Dwarf Holyman


The Incorruptible was a saintly dwarf that seemed capable of putting the love of everybody into him.

Though never vain, he always seemed to have a shimmer, a divine look that carried with him and shown through his eyes.


The child of a wealthy merchant, one day Danovin Fleeseheart spied two poor street urchins playing with glee.

Impressed with how happy they were, Danovin decided to renounce his worldly goods. He announced that everything in his mansion was there for the taking. Watching people hurt each other for a lamp, for a painting, for anything in his house, Danovin knew that he had made the right decision.

His father took him to the king to be declared insane. When asked if he knew who his father was, Danovin removed his silk clothes, pointed to the painting of Moridin on the ceiling and said, “He is my father. And the father of our other gods. This man next to me is my brother; and all of you are my brothers.”

The king, impressed with the wisdom, declared Danovin sane and allowed him to travel. Dressing in rags, stopping only to help people, Danovin soon was embowed with the powers of Moridin, though he rarely used them.

Travling far and wide, he soon became known as simply, The Incorruptible. He became more powerful the more he restrained his powers.

The wizard Mordenkainen specifically searched for The Incorruptible to face the powers of evil in Barovia. Reluctantly, The Incorruptible agreed.

It is unknown what happened to him, though it is said that he still lives and expects Barovians to act well and prepare for his return against Strahd.

The Incorruptible

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