Urwin Martikov

Innkeeper of the Blue Water Inn


A friendly but cautious man, he runs a well-maintained inn, along with his wife and children. He has asked the party to look into his missing wine shipment, as it is vital to the trade of both his inn and the city itself.


Urwin acted suspicious of the party. He said the crows will stop shitting on them, but treated them cooly. When Uther mentioned that he had forgotten the last year Urwin quipped, “Maybe you don’t remember for a reason.”

He allowed them to stay for free.

When Lars was asking Uther what happened to other members of the Swords of Eight, Urwin interrupted and said that since the Incorruptible is said to be preparing another insurrection and one day will return if everyone stayed organized, hopeful, and helped each other; that he shouldn’t be looked for.

Urwin Martikov

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