Arabelle Ni'Luvash

Karlotta's Young Doppelganger


She looks strikingly similar to Karlotta, just in a younger form. She is also proud, and is in search of magic. She behaves more like an adult than a child, and is firm in her belief that a great destiny awaits her.


She is the daughter of Luvash, who is the head of the Vistani camp south of Vallaki.

She was kidnapped by Bluto, a notorious drunk, who was hoping that dropping her into the water of Lake Zarovich would appease the lake enough to get him a fish that he could use to exchange for more wine, which has been growing more and more scarce as time goes on.

The adventurers brought Arabelle back to the camp and were rewarded by her father. Karlotta attempted to warn Arabelle against trusting Mr. Wilcox, in the hope that she could change her own destiny.

Arabelle responded, “Old lady, get bent.”

Arabelle Ni'Luvash

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