Lars Kjurls (Deceased)

Human Fighter


Young, but more battle worn than most Barovians, Lars seems to carry himself confidently and with dignity and respect for others.


Lars claims to have been trained by Fu Hao and Uther. However, little can be verified as Fu Hao is dead and Uther does not remember the last year of his life.

Lars calls Uther, “General,” and has been instrumental in opening doors for him.

He gave Uther the following intelligence report:

-The upcoming festival is fun, but it’s a bit of camp. Baron Vargas takes it extremely seriously, so don’t let him know how hokey these things are. He thinks it’s what keeps Strahd away from Vallaki. But, if you ask me and a lot of the other men, it’s St. Andral’s Church that keeps Strahd from having control of the town.

-There were eleven women, and nine men that came into town the day they arrived. You can ask around town to see if any of them looked like the woman you’re looking for.

-Keep an eye on Rictavio. Maybe he’s just from another land, like you. but he came in with a big carnival cart and seems to be up to something

-You have always been fair, General, and kept good company like the Incorruptible. And let’s face it—the Incorruptible is the reason most of us picked up arms to join you. And you have kept bad company, like the Corrupted. But don’t you think these Vistani would be more comfortable with their own kind in the Vallaki camp outside the city gates?

-I kept my promise, General, I’ve met with Victoria whenever she went to Bavaria with Strahd

He came to his sad end at the hands of Strahd as a way to torture Uther.

Lars Kjurls (Deceased)

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