Strahd von Zarovich

Master Vampire


Powerful, strong. He has an air of power and corruption both to him.

He is cruel and brilliant, his eyes shine in the dark like a cat and he moves too cleanly and precisely to be human.


In life, Strahd von Zarovich was a count, a prince, a soldier, and a conqueror. After the death of his father, King Barov, Strahd waged long, bloody wars against his family ’s enemies. He and his army cornered the last of these enemies in a remote mountain valley before slaying
them all. Strahd named the valley Barovia, after his deceased father, and was so struck by its scenic beauty that he decided to settle there.

He made a pact with dark powers, and in doing so, ended his life as a mortal. So powerful he had become, it is said, that one of the ancient dark powers gazed upon him and in that simple action, he was torn into a pocket dimension like his own…That he now controls completely.

Upon arriving in the village of Barovia, Strahd introduced himself in a cart being pulled by a gray elf, the likes of which you had never seen. Inside the car sat a mysterious woman. He warned you to stay away from Ireena at all costs, and let you know that he was aware of you and everything you did.

Karlotta had a vision of battlefields with thousands of piked soldiers while a young Strahd and someone that looked like him, only younger and handsomer:


Walked through the killing fields.

Young officer: Is it necessary to pike them all? To make such a grisly display and sell the civilians into slavery after we beat them?

General Strahd: It is necessary. Or we should have to do it again, and again, forever. Our father’s enemies, their will has been broken. They know not to rise against us, they know the price for defiance now. These actions, terrible as they may be, will save lives.

Young officer: What now? Who is left?

General Strahd: Our enemies have gathered in the mountains…

Young officer: There aren’t many there. Surely they’ll see what comes from those who defy us.

General Strahd: My kindly brother. (He kisses his forehead affectionately) They must know there is no escape. That our father’s wrath can transcend time, that there is no corner for escape. Our final battle in the mountain will be remembered forever. In the fields of pikes, fertilized with blood, we shall name the valley Barovia after father. Then there can be peace.

Strahd von Zarovich

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